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Talking Tolkein...

This week's episode features two debut novelists, Jo Browning Wroe and Miranda Cowley Heller. (if you don't have 3 names, you ain't getting in!)

In the Book Off, Miranda pitched Tolkien's "Lord Of The Rings" - a book that I read as a teenager, but have never returned to. I loved our chat about this novel because it made me excited about the book all over again, and I now want to re-read it.

Without giving too much away, Miranda argued the case that by re-reading the book as an adult I would appreciate it in a different way - and I think she's probably right.

Anyway - we decided that I would re-read it, and when Miranda is over in the UK next, myself, Jo and Miranda are all going on a pilgrimage to Oxford, to drink in The Eagle And Child pub, where Tolkien was a regular - and wrote many bits of LOTR.

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